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Hot Docs 2000 (Toronto) Best Photography, Best Sound

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To look for the meaning of life, filmmaker Carlos Ferrand sets off in search of free spirits and creative minds. In the course of a journey of initiation across the Americas, he meets Pol Pelletier, woman of the theatre and spiritual adept; Pablo Amaringo, environmental activist and former shaman, who has founded a school of art and life in the middle of the Amazonian forest; Franco Dragone, spiritual heir of Fellini and the Commedia del Arte, and artistic director of the Cirque du Soleil; Eugene Tsui, Chinese-American architect, athlete and musician - a modern Renaissance man some of whose buildings seem to have been designed in outer space; and Stuart Kauffman, one of America's leading scientific minds, whose work leads to a new vision of the relationship between science and the creative process.

This is a world where the ideal is alive and well, and where the artist serves both as a guide and a source of hope. The film is dedicated to Carlos Ferrand’s daughter Beatriz.