Jean-Claude Bürger

Jean-Claude Bürger was born in France. After obtaining a degree in Poltical Science, he settled in Montréal 1969 where he worked as a researcher, journalist and editor. He began directing documentary films and was a co-founder of the production company InformAction with Gérard Lechêne and Nathalie Barton with whom he co-directed the feature documentary The Mercenary Game, Turbulence Ahead and the series Recours for Radio Québec.

For twenty years he worked as a director on a regular basis with the news service of Radio-Canada, first for Repères and Le Point in the 1980s, and then for the programs Enjeux, Zone libre and Zone libre enquêtes up until 2007.

In addition to numerous reportages in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, he has directed films in collaboration with various independent producers and the ONF.  His work has been shown internationally.

He has also taught at the Université de Montréal, Chicago University, and has given courses and trainig workshops for Moroccan educational television, with CESTI in Dakar ,and for Seychelles television. Since 2007 he’s been professor of television journalism at the Communications department of the Université du Québec à Montréal.